Tales of Terror: Five Ways a Wedding DJ Can Ruin Your Wedding


It’s arguably one of the biggest moments on a bride’s wedding day. The moment she prepares to make her grand entrance and take those first steps down the aisle toward wedded bliss.

But one bride’s entrance went viral on YouTube for all the wrong reasons. The DJ cues the Wedding March by Mendelssohn. The father of the bride escorts her into the room. And then…she freezes. The classical song suddenly transforms into a Latin remix fit for a club with a thumping bass and synth sounds.

The look of shock and horror on the bride’s face says it all as she slowly retreats back toward the door. This is clearly not what she intended.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so finding the right wedding DJ is key to making it special and memorable—for all the right reasons.

Want to avoid having a “wedding fail” like the one above? Here are five ways to keep a DJ from ruining your wedding:


  1. Hire Value Over Price

This is one of the most common mistakes made during the wedding planning process. Hiring a cheap DJ might seem like a good idea for the budget, but it often ends up costing you more in the end. For one mother-of-the-bride, the experience was a nightmare. The DJ arrived 30 minutes before the ceremony and was dressed very unprofessionally, wearing khaki shorts and a polo shirt that, “looked like he pulled it out of his dirty clothes pile,” she said. Adding insult to injury, the DJ was completely unprepared and used broken equipment that ended up ruining the couple’s first dance moment.


  1. Make It Personal, Not Just Business

Building a relationship with your DJ is key to ensuring a good experience. Choose someone who takes the time to consult with you and get to know you, your preferences, and the atmosphere you want to set for your big day. Your wedding is so much more than signing a marriage certificate. It’s an experience you want to celebrate and remember forever. Make sure the person responsible for setting the mood and navigating the ceremony and reception is someone you can build a rapport with and trust to make your day all about you.

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  1. Get Technical

Equipment, equipment, equipment. A good DJ will invest in quality sound equipment, microphones, computers, and more. A bad DJ, as another tales of terror victim experienced, will show up with scratched CDs that skipped so many times they created a “horrible, horrible experience” for the bride and family. Make sure your DJ knows their stuff! Look for someone with strong technical expertise and knowledge—especially in the event something goes wrong. Technical difficulties happen to even the best DJs, so choose someone who is well prepared to handle them and navigate technical challenges without skipping a beat.


  1. Choose A Professional Over a Party-Crasher

A professional DJ understands that they are providing YOU with a service—not the other way around. Unbelievably, there are some DJs who assume that they too are on the wedding guest list with Uncle George and Aunt Martha. They take advantage of the open bar and buffet and become drunk, sloppy, and unprofessional. Don’t hire a party-crasher. A DJ is there to serve the bride and groom and be responsive to your needs. A professional will be able to do that AND eat their slice of cake too.


  1. Stay in Step With Your Guests

A good DJ will do more than just play through your song list at the reception. They should also be able to engage with your guests, gauge their response level, and make adjustments accordingly. If “Play That Funky Music” is just not cutting it, but half the crowd gets up to dance for Usher, your DJ should take notice and make song selections that reflect both your preferences and that of your guests.

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Choosing the Right Wedding DJ

At the end of the day—your BIG day—the last thing you want to have is regrets or disappointments about how it went. The choice of a wedding DJ can have a significant impact on the success or failure of your wedding. They are responsible for so much more than just cueing up music. They are in charge of creating the right atmosphere for your entire day—including the music, the transitions, the emceeing, and the overall enjoyment of you and your guests.

Make sure you choose someone based on the value they bring and not the price tag. Find someone that is personally invested in you and what you want. Look for a DJ with good equipment and a strong technical proficiency. Seek out a true professional and not someone looking to have a good time at your expense. And finally, pick a DJ who is in tune with you and your guests and can keep the celebration going!


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