Here are our top 10 things you should do once you are engaged as a part of our series: “You’re Getting Married…Now What?”


It’s happening. The love of your life just popped the question and you said, “YES!” Whether it was a surprise or expected…one thing is for sure: the future you’ve been dreaming about with your spouse-to-be is about to become a reality.

Need a little inspiration? Check out our “10 Things To Do After Getting Engaged” list to help get you started on your wedding planning journey!


  1. Celebrate

Congrats, you’ve just picked your life partner! Take a few moments before the wedding planning frenzy to celebrate just the two of you. Spend some quality time with your new fiancé—a dinner out, coffee date, or just a few quiet moments—to enjoy the decision you’ve made and the life journey you’re about to take together.


  1. Share The News

Before you tweet, Instagram or update your relationship status on Facebook, be sure to let your family members and closest friends hear it from you first. It’s a nice personal touch—especially for those who know you best and have been your biggest supporters.

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  1. Discuss A Budget

Small wedding? Big wedding? DIY or hire a wedding planner? Prioritize what is most important to you and your fiancé, determine how much you have to spend, and then set a budget that fits your vision and financial goals. Talk to a few professionals about the most important aspects such as a venue manager, photographer, and entertainer. And don’t forget to include the honeymoon as part of your wedding budget too!


  1. Plan Your Party

Bridesmaids and groomsmen and ring bearers, oh my! Part of what makes your wedding so meaningful are not only the friends and family celebrating with you but also the ones standing next to you—pledging their support of your marriage. Don’t sweat the numbers! Whether it’s a bridal party of one or eight, all that matters is that they matter to you.


  1. Pick The Venue

This will likely go hand in hand with setting the date, but the earlier you can secure a venue for your wedding the better—especially if you’re choosing a popular day or time of year. Planning to say, “I do” outdoors? Have a backup plan in place in case Mother Nature decides to say, “I don’t.”


  1. Book A Professional DJ/Entertainer

Often considered last, this is really something to consider in the beginning. A DJ is responsible for so much more than just cueing up music. They are in charge of creating the right atmosphere for your entire day—including the music, the transitions, the emceeing, and the overall enjoyment of you and your guests. Choose someone who takes the time to consult with you and get to know you, your preferences, and the atmosphere you want to set for your big day. The wrong song, broken equipment, or bad MC skills can ruin a wonderful day.


  1. Say “Yes” To The Dress

It’s the statement piece of your day. Pick something that reflects your uniqueness, style, and beauty! Invite your tribe of trusted advisors to be there as you try on dresses—but most importantly, trust your instincts. You’ll know when you’ve found your perfect dress match.


  1. Create Your Gift Registry

Who doesn’t love gifts? From wedding china to bath mats, this is your opportunity to blend your style with your spouse’s and create a home that represents both of you. Register for items ranging in prices from low to high—and don’t be afraid to ask for that super deluxe air fryer or other unique gifts. It may be just the thing someone wants to get for you!


  1. Get Photographed

From traditional portraits to candid shots, there’s a photographer for every style. Find the best fit for you—and don’t forget to snap some engagement photos! You can use them for “Save the Date” announcements, your wedding website, invitations, and even your wedding program.


  1. Choose a Theme

Going elegant and formal or beachy and casual? Once you settle on a theme for your wedding, you can determine what colors will work best—for flowers, bridal party dresses, and tuxes, your wedding cake, party favors, and more!

Last but not least—and this may be the most important piece of advice—don’t forget to ENJOY! This is your moment to shine and your celebration of love. Take in every minute of your journey to happily ever after!



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